Charlotte Pointeaux - Southern Highlands NSW, Australia

australia nsw Nov 10, 2020


Charlotte Pointeaux believes in the power of coaching, circles and cycles. As a qualified Youth Mentor, Certified Life and Cycle Coach, Sacred Circle facilitator, and creator of ‘First Moon Circles', and mother to 3 daughters, Charlotte digs deep from personal experience to show girls how to celebrate all that they are, and all that they're becoming. She loves empowering young people in the way she wished she had been when growing up: with positivity, being heard, accepted and celebrated just as she was.


Charlotte created the First Moon Circle Facilitator Training to initiate passionate people into holding their own menarche circles for girls, and to share in her vision for inclusive, empowering, and holistic period education to become mainstream, so that people can support themselves emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually at the start of the menstrual journey and throughout their lifetime. She also coaches women to find harmony, health and happiness within their own cycles.

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