Clare Foale - Northern Beaches, Sydney

australia nsw sydney Dec 29, 2020

Clare Foale is a First Moon Circle Facilitator, Sacred Circle holder and Circle Doula in the Northern Beaches of Sydney. 

"I love bringing people together to slow, to share our stories, to listen to each other, to see how these weave and ripple.

It feels like a remembering of Old Ways and a rebellion to gather, reflect and connect like this; so many of us are craving it.
And so I:
* hold Circles regularly to bring Women together
* hold First Moon Circles to welcome our kids into Womanhood with reverence and celebration
* teach and mentor others to hold their own Circles (1:1 and group programs) because there is room for infinite more Circles
* nurture a community of Circle Holders 
If this calls or makes you curious, I invite you to follow along."

You can contact Clare at: 


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