Kim Darby - Cairns and Far North Queensland

australia qld Nov 19, 2020

Kim is the founder of Yaya Sisterhood, a nurturing, safe and fun space that has been created for young girls to come together to explore the sanctity of true sisterhood, reminding them that they are NOT alone; while equipping themselves with self-awareness tools that will leave them feeling empowered!

The Yaya Sisterhood: Empowerment Workshops for Young Girls are delivered in an intimate sharing circle that invites young girls to sink into the importance of collaboration over competition, connection, [young] women supporting [young] women, healthy friendships, self-care, goal setting, gratitude practices and body positivity.

Kim says she "truly, hand-on-heart believes that First Moon Circles provide a safe, nurturing, open, trustworthy and fun space for young girls to learn a little more about themselves; their bodies, their hormones, their amazingness as a young woman. This space allows for them to get to know themselves a little better, each question asked and answered takes a way a little more of the stigma and taboo - thus allowing them to celebrate this exciting rite of passage and important growing up milestone. 

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