Lizzie Martinelli - Newcastle, NSW Australia

australia nsw May 24, 2021

I have worked as an English, Drama and Learning Support teacher in high schools across Newcastle and Sydney for almost 20 years and have extensive experience in teaching and curriculum development....

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Alex Washington - Inner West Sydney, Australia

australia nsw sydney Dec 30, 2020

Alex Washington is a First Moon Circle Facilitator located in the Inner West of Sydney. 

"I believe First Moon Circles are special because they provide a unique environment for young...

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Clare Foale - Northern Beaches, Sydney

australia nsw sydney Dec 29, 2020

Clare Foale is a First Moon Circle Facilitator, Sacred Circle holder and Circle Doula in the Northern Beaches of Sydney. 

"I love bringing people together to slow, to share our stories,...

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Adrienne Rhoads - Port Macquarie NSW

australia nsw Dec 13, 2020

Adrienne Rhoads is a First Moon Circle Facilitator in Port Macquarie NSW Australia. 


You can book with Adrienne at:

[email protected] 


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Angela Nicole - Albury Wodonga NSW

australia nsw victoria Dec 11, 2020

Angela is a Mentor & Empowerment Coach for Tweens, Teens & Women, and a First Moon Circle Facilitator based in Albury-Wodonga on the NSW-Victoria border in Australia....

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Giselle Pitt - Coffs Harbour NSW Australia

australia nsw Dec 11, 2020

Giselle Pitt is a First Moon Circle Facilitator in Coffs Harbour NSW Australia, an EFT & Reiki Practitioner and trained Youth Mentor. 


You can find Giselle at:


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Nicole Dargie - South Sydney, NSW

australia nsw sydney Nov 18, 2020

Hey there! I’m a mum if two teen kids, a First Moon Circle Facilitator, Yoga Teacher, Youth Mentor and podcaster on The Empowerment Project Podcast.

My passion is to empower teens, tweens,...

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Charlotte Pointeaux - Southern Highlands NSW, Australia

australia nsw Nov 10, 2020


Charlotte Pointeaux believes in the power of coaching, circles and cycles. As a qualified Youth Mentor, Certified Life and Cycle Coach, Sacred Circle facilitator, and creator of...

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