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Join our powerful personal development and Facilitator Training course to learn to hold your own First Moon Circles®!


Claim your place as a period-positive, holistic and IICT-accredited Menstrual Educator to celebrate and support the next generation!

What's more, you learn powerful, inclusive space-holding skills to empower mothers at a pivotal time in their lives and the mother-daughter relationship: when a girl approaches their first period and initiation to womanhood. 



★ Passionate about teaching girls how powerful their body and periods are? 

★ Disappointed with the limited sterile school education currently provided which touches on basic biology and reproductive risks - and is completely devoid of empowerment, celebration, cycle awareness and self-care wisdom? ​

★ A believer in the power of sacred rites of passage, and wish menarche was widely celebrated instead of shushed and shamed into secrecy? 

​​If you shouted HELL YES to any of this, and feel called to step into period-positive work that empowers young people and their family, and strives for gender equality, this training is for you! 

What are First Moon Circles®? 


I created this award-nominated and accredited period-positive Menarche celebration events called First Moon Circles® for girls aged 9-12 in 2019.

First Moon Circles® give girls and their female carers a holistic (emotional, physical, biological and spiritual) appreciation of the powerful changes they will experience at the onset of puberty and menarche (their first period). 

Events are intimate, and are either offered as a public event for anyone wishing to attend, or more commonly as private events, for a group of friends. 

First Moon Circles® go way way beyond what's ignored by the school system. Instead we reframe periods as the time females meet their power, and as a potent initiation into their young adult lives. 

Mothers and carers are invited to join the participants for a celebratory tea to affirm the positive celebration, to open lines of communication amongst families and to lift the veil on shame and secrecy that can go hand in hand with periods. 

Furthermore, mothers are supported by acquiring knowledge they often didn't know themselves, plus language and strategies to openly discuss these topics with their children. 

Read more about First Moon Circles®, what's included and more here...

About First Moon Circles

What is First Moon Circle® Facilitator Training?


After receiving many requests from other space-holders and parents asking me to teach them how to hold a First Moon Circle®, I decided to be brave and follow the proverbial breadcrumbs...

To ensure that as many girls, mothers and communities receive the holistic and empowering menstrual education and acknowledgement that they deserve, I created the First Moon Circle® Facilitator Training so I could share my process, knowledge and experience with others so they too can begin holding their own First Moon Circles®. 

Nowadays we have a growing community of Certified First Moon Circle® Facilitators spanning across 3 continents (and growing!!) who are trained, confident, and supported to offer Circles within their own businesses, both in-person and online. 


Furthermore, the First Moon Circle® Facilitator Training is now an Accredited Professional Modality all of its own with the International Institute of Complementary Therapies (IICT), which means that by completing this training you have access to Professional Membership with a global body and specially-tailored insurance as a practitioner. 


How does this Training make a difference?


Many of us would love to do teach girls about the wonder of their periods, to trust their body's wisdom and intuition, and to feel confident as they begin menstruating  - but just aren't sure where to start.

Perhaps you're unsure of how to make it happen, unclear of what's practically involved, perhaps you have knowledge gaps, or maybe you haven't held events for young people before. 

That's where this training comes in: it's knowledge, potent personal development, inspiring peer support, loving accountability and also, full of practical tools and templates.

You receive not just the empowering knowledge to teach to girls - but you also receive my practical resources to help you make this a reality. Throw in the support of your fellow facilitators - a sisterhood of peers - who are here to hold space for you as you hold space for others.

I am hugely passionate about the impact First Moon Circles® are having on both young people and their parents - and am thrilled at the countless testimonials from both our Facilitators who have healed much of their own menarche and menstrual experiences, and our Circle participants, who are so glad to have attended such a life-altering workshop.


My mission is to see so many First Moon Circles® offered in many communities around the world, to empower the next generation of young women, to inspire cultural change and to champion equality, environmentalism, and respect of the Feminine in all of us (men and boys included)

It's really important that those who are committed to female empowerment, to ending period and body shame, and to holding powerful events with integrity, do join this training. We are calling you to claim your place. 

This is why I invite you to join the training...

I want IN!!



This is so much more than just a facilitator training... it's personal development, it's actively healing, it's gaining knowledge to apply to your own life, and a welcoming to a powerful sisterhood of like-minded soulful coaches, mentors, teachers and women new to this realm who are called to this powerful and much-needed work.


It's your own peer community. It's deep, and wide, and gives you everything you need to be supported, educated, prepared, nurtured and conscious as a leader, and inclusive sacred circle holder and a menstrual education provider.​


When you join you'll:


★ Receive a stack of tried and tested resources to get started

including all my lesson plans, participant handouts, marketing plan, booking form templates and more to make it EASY to get your own First Moon Circles up and running,


★ Develop an understanding of the biology of menstruation,

how to track menstrual cycles (for those with and without periods) and how to practice self-care for your cycle, plus how to teach this to young people,​


★ Dive deep into your own womb wisdom, ancestral stories, and personal experience

to tune into all the forces that have led you to this training, and inform your sacred vision for your own powerful First Moon Circles,


 Learn how to hold sacred circles for young people

which are safe and inclusive spaces, and how to handle any potential challenging situations or questions,


★ Join a beautiful sisterhood of other passionate facilitators

and new trainees who are stepping up to take First Moon Circles to their communities. Feel welcomed, supported and held, and receive guidance, support, encouragement, ideas and cross-promotion from this very special group.


★  Receive first opportunities for future collaborations,

partnerships, guest mentor opportunities and more!​


Interested?? Read on to discover more.

What people say...

"I was expecting to learn about how to hold space for girls going through menarche and knowledge about how to educate them and mothers on cycle intelligence. The training exceeded all my expectations.  


I appreciated the support in the lead up to my first circle. I love the knowledge about cycle intelligence and making it a more positive experience for girls. I learnt a lot about my hormones and got the opportunity to deepen my relationship with my daughter and offer the same to mums/carers and girls. The extras we received was amazing. Just your energy and presence was the best Charlotte. Thank you so much!"
"Charlotte, I love and adore your energy, your wisdom and your passion for this topic. I loved the group of women you brought together. I loved seeing everyone's evolution through the time together.
I loved seeing how we all took the information in such different ways. I loved experiencing for myself and witnessing in others how transformative this information has been in coming home to myself."
"I loved coming together with other women. It was such a lovely way to move through a course together. I loved the content, the videos, the reflection sheets, the weekly calls. All of it! 
Everything was delivered SO clearly - Charlotte is a very nurturing, supportive and helpful teacher. Everything was professionally laid out and by far exceeded my expectations!"

Meet your Lead Trainer & First Moon Circle® Creator

Hi, I'm Charlotte Pointeaux...

Certified Cycle and Life Coach, trained Youth Mentor and Sacred Circle Facilitator. I'm the creator of First Moon Circles, and the lead trainer ​in the First Moon Circle Facilitator Training.

I'm a Cycle Coach to women and girls journeying through the sacred rites of passage from first period, motherhood and into peri/menopause who are seeking to deeply understand and connect to their inner wisdom, and to live in flow and devotion to their cyclical nature - instead of fighting against it. 

I'm deeply passionate about supporting the amazing women and girls I work with to heal their relationship to their menstrual cycle and body, to discover the medicine in their past rites of passages and personal lineages, and to cultivate sovereignty and a reclamation of the magick and power of living with a feminine body and cycle. 

My particular passions are;

 Menstrual and Moon Cycle Awareness and integrating the seasons of life into our day to day, businesses, mothering and spiritual practice.

 Rites of passage work,

 Womb embodiment and shamanic practices that offer a way for us to take back our power.

☽ Supporting girls to learn all of this incredible wisdom and skills right from the start of their menstrual journey so they have far better health and personal outcomes during their young adult and mothering years- rather than having to figure it all out for themselves later in life.


As a youth mentor I really adore and feel passionate about empowering young people to feel confident, prepared, self-assured and at home in their bodies - all things I didn't feel growing up.
I bring my decade+ career in education development and delivery, professional trainings and qualifications, my degree in Biology and my lived experience as a person with a cycle to my own First Moon Circles, Coaching, and this award-nominated Facilitator Training.

What's involved in the First Moon Circle® Facilitator Training? 

This training is designed to support you to get out into the world and start holding your own First Moon Circles as soon as possible to make the most of my teaching and the group's support.

Over 6 Modules you will explore major topics to help you become a subject matter expert, and then we walk together with you as you schedule, organise and hold your very own First Moon Circles. 

You receive:

 6 key modules with access to ready-to-use content and resources, including pre-recorded lesson videos with class notes, worksheets, meditations, my own First Moon Circle lesson plan and a suite of other template documents, enabling you to begin holding your own income-generating circles straight away.

8 Bonus expert interviews,  on critical topics with incredible teachers to accompany key lessons,

★ 8 group support coaching calls (sacred online circles), to discuss, share, explore, celebrate and support you,

★ Your place in our private Facebook community of other powerhouse facilitators to share support, ideas, wisdom, experienced and cross-promotion,

★ The option to be matched with a listening partner for effective processing and integration of your learnings, to practice holding space for each other, and to have a confidential and supportive sounding-board for your ideas and reflections as you move through the course.

★ Use of my First Moon Guide - my 14 page resource book for girls, which you gain permission to reproduce and share with your First Moon Circle participants as a take-home gift.



As part of your training you will be given the opportunity to schedule, organise and hold your very own First Moon Circle happen, to ensure your momentum, learning and inspiration translates into powerful action. This won't be another training you join which you never do anything with! By joining this training you commit to using the learnings and group support to jump in and make your circle happen. 

There will be self-reflection and practical tasks for you to complete alongside each lesson to help you and it'll be excepted that you'll be willing to share your learnings with the group during calls - remember, we are better and stronger together!

Ongoing support and community

And once you've completed the training, you'll receive your certificate of completion your events and facilitator bio will be featured on social media and the First Moon Circles website to help you get your name, business and events in front of a wider audience.

You'll also receive an invitation to join our Facilitator Mastermind for the opportunity to receive ongoing support, encouragement, and further collaboration and cross-promotion with me and the other facilitators!!  Mastermind access is a monthly membership including sacred circles with your peers, niche topic lessons and new guest interview content, plus weekly accountability, celebration and reflection prompts plus peer supervision opportunities.

I am ready!

Modules include:

  • Initiation

    Receive an introductory practical task list to set your foundations before we officially begin the training.

  • Module 1: The importance of First Moon Circles as rites of passages celebrations.

    Dive deep into learning why celebrating menarche in circle supports progress in striving for equality, equity and inclusion. Understand the herstory and mechanisms of how menstrual shame came to be so pervasive, and how healing this shame for yourself and in your events can be totally life changing. 

  • Module 2: Healing your own menstrual journey.

    Explore your ancestral red thread and your lived menstrual journey to fuel your purpose and vision for your First Moon Circles. Learn how powerful emotions and experiences are held and passed on through the generations and how this can manifest in menstrual problems in girls and women. This powerful module offers you the chance to complete some deep personal healing work to help you hold a safer space for others as a First Moon Circle Facilitator.

  • Module 3: Cycle awareness and cycle self-care.

    Get to know the biological basis of the female reproductive hormone cycle, and learn the spiritual practice of Menstrual Cycle Awareness (MCA) for yourself. Discover effective, simple and age-appropriate ways to teach girls to begin their own cycle awareness practice to help them connect with the wisdom of their bodies, their health, self-care and own intuition.

  • Module 4: The First Moon Lesson Plan.

    I share my lesson plan with you and how I facilitate these sacred circles through activities, discussion, craft, stories, games and celebration. You explore how you can bring your own experience, passions, and modalities to make First Moon Circles your own.

  • Module 5: Holding Safer and Inclusive Circles

    This important module explores how we can ensure that we are holding as safe and inclusive space for all young people as possible. In this module we look at how we can proactively acknowledge and honour the experiences of people not identifying as white, cis-gendered, or able bodied.

    We look at what it means to be trauma-informed in the context of working with young people, and how we can support participants and ourselves as facilitators in carrying out our duty of care. 

  • Module 6: Sharing your First Moon Circles with the world.

    Understand how to promote your events successfully to parents and your community through the use of my First Moon Circles Marketing Plan, booking forms, terms and templates. Get your profile as a facilitator out in the world and go facilitate your own First Moon Circle with the group's support!! 

Meet our Guest Expert Contributors...


Jane Hardwicke Collings

Jane Hardwicke Collings is a grandmother, former midwife, teacher, writer and menstrual educator. She gives workshops on mother and daughter preparation for menstruation, the spiritual practice of menstruation, and the sacred dimensions of pregnancy, birth and menopause. Jane founded and runs The School of Shamanic Womancraft, an international Women’s Mysteries School. 

Jane and I had a glorious, potent, activating deep dive into the power of the female rites of passages as incredible initiations for social justice, and equality, plus how connecting to our own menstrual cycle is a portal to incredible wisdom, sovereignty and power.

You receive this conversation with Module 1.

Tracey Stevens

Tracey is a Five Element Acupuncturist and brings her 30 years experience and training in various energy healing modalities to help clients access the root cause of their symptoms in her UK-based business The Healing PointTracey's training in acupuncture, reiki, occupational therapy, past life regression, channelling, and her professional experience enables Tracey to see life, death, health and the whole experience of being human in a different way.

In her guest expert conversation for this training, Tracey explains how energy works inside and outside the body, how the body is an expression of our subconscious mind, and how emotions get locked into our physicality to create menstrual problems that are lived and carried through ancestrally. Tracey shared ways we can support young people to alleviate their symptoms, and to engage in fun healing practices in our First Moon Circles. 


Your receive this conversation with Module 2.

Jolinda Johnson

Jolinda Johnson is a Women’s Health Coach (M.S.Ed., CHHC), Mentor, and Priestess who’s passionate about helping women break up with the good girl and return to the wild: whole, healthy, and free. As a result of working together, her clients begin living in harmony with their hormones and menstrual cycles, build trust in their bodies and their inner wisdom, and rebuild the spiritual connection they've been missing to surrender into what feels good (not just what makes sense).
Jolinda and I spoke about what contributes to healthy hormones and menstrual cycles in girls versus mature cycles, how we can empower mothers and daughters to journey their rites of passages of menarche and menopause (often at the same time!), and how we can encourage girls and mothers to advocate for their menstrual health.
You receive this conversation with Module 3.

Sharon Woolley

Sharon is a qualified naturopath, Registered Nurse with over 20 years experience, Cycle Coach, Certified First Moon Circle Facilitator and menstrual health advocate. Her focus is on educating girls and women about how to create healthy menstrual cycles, and how to optimise their life through working with their monthly ebbs and flows, rather than against them. 

Sharon's practice Fertile: Body and Mind weaves together her experience in paediatrics and IVF fertility nursing to her work as a naturopath and First Moon CIrcle Facilitator, specialising in holistic women’s health including preconception care, PCOS, menstrual irregularities, hormonal imbalances, infertility, complementary therapies throughout the IVF/ART journey, cycle charting and syncing, supporting life stage changes from menarche through to menopause, teenage health, weight regulation, stress related health problems, positive mindset and mental health.

In this conversation we talk about how we can encourage mothers and daughters to support their hormonal health through puberty, and beyond, plus her tips and experiences for holding First Moon Circles.

You receive this conversation with Module 4.


Mitlé Southey

Mitlé teaches, guides and supports wild-hearted entrepreneurs to remember the ancient practice of circles, reconnect to their own cultural lineage and hold transformational gatherings for their clients and communities.  
As a former litigation and compliance lawyer, turned Circle Holder and Inspired EFT practitioner who identifies as a Witch, she brings a unique blend of the practical, ethical and magical to remembering the ancient tradition of gathering in Circle and redefining circles for these times. 
She is dedicated to social justice, equity and intersectional feminism and founded Circle School to teach women in business to hold powerful, inclusive and accessible gatherings online and in-person. Her Vision is that Circles are embraced by organisations, businesses, institutions and governments as potent cauldrons for communication, connection, collaboration, co-creation, ceremony, change and circular-leadership.
She is a sought after guest teacher on holding space and women's circles
You receive this conversation with Module 4.

Tracy Proud 

Tracy founded Nest Psychotherapy & Counselling in 2016 and Nest Therapy Rooms earlier this year, based in Camden NSW. Tracy is a PACFA accredited psychotherapist who works with relationships and individuals. She is trained to Level 2 in the evidence based, Gottman Method and is passionate about providing respectful space for our gender diverse community and the wider LGBTQIA community. Equality and inclusion are cornerstones of her practice.
Tracy shared with us how we can hold inclusive safe spaces in our First Moon Circles with a particular focus on gender inclusivity, in a space that is very much centrerd around the idea of girls journeying through their puberty rite of passage into womanhood, and knowing not everyone identifies with as a girl or woman. Tracy shares things to be aware of and strategies to help us hold safe, welcoming and inclusive spaces for people of all gender identities. 
You receive this conversation with Module 5.

Carol Gutierrez 

Carol is located and practices in the Southern Highlands of NSW. Her passion is in the trauma field which includes providing support to people who have experienced domestic and family violence, child protection issues, sexual assault, mental health and vicarious trauma. Carol has worked in a range of clinical settings including Corrective Services NSW, NSW Family and Community Services, Assessments Australia, Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia, 1800RESPECT, NSW Rape Crisis Centre and Sexual Assault Counselling Australia.  
Carol presented a live workshop on 'Responding sensitively to disclosures of violence' to our facilitators and the recording is included within the training.
You receive this recorded workshop with Module 5.

Rebecca Haydon 

Rebecca is a qualified Mindset and Confidence Coach, with a Masters in Hypnotherapy and NLP & Keynote Speaking. She guides her clients to rewire their subconscious thoughts and create powerful behavioural changes so that they can reach their business goals and step into their superpower. Her real passion, specialisation and focus is helping ambitious female entrepreneurs create unstoppable confidence, so they can show up as themselves, create more visibility in their business online and step into their worth.
You receive this expert interview with Module 6.
  • Module content will be released weekly
  • 2 x Group call times will be offered per module - times to be confirmed after the group has formed.
  • Call times will be announced in the SYDNEY time zone (AEDT/AEST)
  • Recordings will be made available if you are unable to attend. 
  • The March 2022 course Opening Call is scheduled for 2 March 2022 and closes on 1 June 2022.

What our graduates say...

"What a great leader and facilitator Charlotte, it’s been a beautiful ride with you all.

It is such vital work to share this knowledge and wisdom so our culture can change on a grass root level to show women and girls that they should not feel shame about their bodies, but an inclusive approach as well as a lead into supporting them through to motherhood ans birthing. I wish I had this when I was younger" -

Rowena Hobbins, Raising Up

"I got SOOOO much out of the group calls from a personal growth point of view. The space you created and held was exceptional. And I loved the content, worksheets/feedback form, practical aspect - such clear direction and helpful tools. A massive shout out to Charlotte for this awesomely wonderful course, for all her support, the effort she has put into each and everyone of us, and her extreme genorosity." -

Sharon Woolley, Fertile: Body and Mind

"This has been a wonderful course, Charlotte you are so thoughtful, attentive and inspirational. Charlotte held a safe warm space for learning and healing. Not only did I learn best practice for holding safe space for pre teens I learnt to hold a safe space for my inner pre teen and I thank her and can’t wait to get this knowledge and wisdom out into the world"

Adrienne Rhoads

Enrol and secure your place today!  

I'd love to welcome you into what's truly an inspiring, passionate and visionary group of facilitators. Let's take the First Moon movement out to the world - it's our calling! 


YES I'm IN!!

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